Book Doctor Services

Marc has coached and taught hundreds of writers in every genre including Zac Bissonnette, whose The Great Beanie Baby Bubble  (Portfolio) is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Other recent authors helped by Marc include YA favorite Eve Yohalam's page-turning adventure Escape Under the Forever Sky (Chronicle) and rocker Storm Large's heartbreaking memoir Crazy Enough (Simon & Schuster).

Using techniques as old as Aristotle and as new as a video game, Marc created the "Diamond Story," a unique story structure to get your novel, memoir, screenplay, play or (his favorite) musical on its feet, regardless of where you are in the process.

Available for private coaching in the NY area or on Skype everywhere else.

Private coaching is $150 / hr.
Full manuscript analysis begins at $3,000.

Whether you're having trouble getting started or lost along the way, Marc's Diamond Story approach provides a concise map to make the journey clearer and easier for you and your readers.

Take a look at this super professional video he made on the subject in his kitchen.